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Learning to Drive in Edinburgh December 14, 2013

DSA Badges

Find the Best Driving Lessons

Driving instruction is expensive so you must take great care to ensure you get the best driving school and that you’re driving instructor is fully qualified. And that can make you feel relaxed while learning how to drive. You must make sure your driving instructor is fully licensed by the “Driving Standards Agency” (DSA) and is an approved driving instructor. In the UK only an Approved Driving instructor (ADI) or those under the training can take money for lessons.

Make sure your instructor is DSA approved!

The way to make sure your driving instructor is legit is to checkout his/her badge on the windscreen of their car. Fully qualified instructors have the green octagon while those still training have the pink triangle and are not fully qualified yet. There are grades within the DSA that let you know the standard of which a driving instructor has reached. Anyone with a Grade 4 is competent while a Grade 6 is of the highest standard. When choosing an instructor and what fees you are willing to pay its worth considering the higher the standard the better quality of the driving lesson. Driving instructors also have a background check to make sure they have no “criminal records”. Finding the best instructor for you You can find a local driving instructor using the ‘find a driving instructor’ search box on the top right of this page. The obvious choice since you are reading this article is to search google for driving instructors in your area. The next choice is to get recommendations from those that you trust a friend or a member of your family. Driving lessons Edinburgh

Big national school or small individual school? What is the best choice?

The most important thing is that you feel good about taking your lessons and that you feel you are getting good value for money. Other than that which one you decide to go with doesn’t really matter. Just makes sure you follow the guidelines above and do your research to make sure they are qualified and licensed and are of the highest quality. driving schools edinburgh

So what should you look out for when choosing a driving instructor?

A good instructor should be dedicated to getting you past your test in the minimal amount of time. They should make the best use of the time you have together during your lesson. They should give you their full attention and not use your time to do any of their chores. It also goes without saying they should also be polite patient and be good with people in general. Especially whenever a student makes a mistake.

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Accident Claims in Scotland November 20, 2013


Why You Should Make a Claim for Compensation
and what to Expect From a Personal Injury Lawyer

About five years ago I was staying at an expensive hotel as part of a business conference. On the first night I went to have a shower. I stepped into the shower and immediately slipped and went flying into the air landing on my head before banging my hip against the barrier and sustaining a personal injury from what was a needless accident. The problem was that they had no slip mat and the surface was like ice.

I was unconscious for a few moments before discovering a large swelling on the side of my hip. Consequently I discovered that I had suffered a displaced Bursa. This caused me a huge amount of pain and discomfort and really affected my ability to absorb the information at the business conference which was very expensive to attend. When I got back I contacted a personal injury solicitor and started the process of making a claim. It actually took me a full 4 years to complete my compensation claim. During the process there were some really stressful times and I was really glad I had chosen the best Personal injury lawyer for me. I also learned the following information that I thought might be useful to you if you have had an accident and are thinking about whether you should or should not make personal injury claim for compensation.

I was lucky I chose a good specialist personal injury lawyer who not only understood the law was also empathetic and supportive to my case which really helped me through the stressful times. It’s also important to get this right as choosing the wrong lawyer could cost you thousands in lost compensation. Make sure they communicate with you on a regular basis and in plain English. Again I was lucky mine kept me informed every step of the way. http://www.apil.org.uk/

Another important thing is to locate a personal injury lawyer who will work with you on a “contingency fee agreement” also known as a No Win No Fee basis. This means all your court expenses will be covered no matter what the outcome is with the case. These costs could be very substantial depending upon the seriousness of your case. The lawyer doesn’t get paid unless he wins the case which means usually they will only take on your case if you have more than a good chance of winning. Fortunately in Scotland and the rest of the UK most lawyers work on this basis. So only work with a lawyer who is prepared to work with you on a No Win No Fee Basis.

The other thing is if you are not happy once you have appointed your lawyer you are well within your rights to change that lawyer. So don’t put up with a situation that you are not happy with. If he/she is not doing the job then get rid of them and find someone else. Find a good personal injury lawyer here

And finally if you may be considering whether you should make a claim or not. After all it was an “accident”. If you were injured through someone else’s negligence then you are entitled to compensation and you should make a claim. Not only for yourself, but also to avoid the same thing happening to someone else. Contact a personal injury lawyer the initial

The initial consultation will be free and they will be able to advise you on whether you have a good case or not. Don’t feel bad about making a claim. The hotel I was staying at had 300 bedrooms and none of them had slip mats. An older person could have had a more serious injury that could have had a serious impact on the quality of their life. You can bet all 300 bedrooms now have slip mats in the shower! Good luck.


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